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Board Information - Audit analytics

Not all databases provide information on executive boards, governance or any other relevant board information.This post will seek to provide an overview of some databases that do.

Audit analytics
AA is a database that focusses on auditor in formation. This could be auditor opinion, auditor changes, -affiliations etc. Either it'spossible to search the datbase manually, or use so-called CIK codes.*
Best is to download CIK codes from a database like Compustat.
Compustat North America: (all that apply)
Compustat Global:fundamentals annual, -quarterly and securities daily

When  you're done downloading open the file and copy the CIK codes into memory with CTRL-C or right click - copy. Next open Audit analytics and e.g. select auditor opinion > choose select company search  and paste the copied CIK into the field that appears using CTRL-V.

Next screen: search by TICKER or CIK

Press button link

You can save the results

(or check by opening the hits)

This enables checking the opinions, but also to o check SEC filings etc.


and SEC

Auditor changes can be monitored in  a similar fashion. The principles of Audit analytics work throughout the entire database.

* CIK:
Central Index Key is a code given to an individual or company by the United States Securities and
Exchange Commission. The number is used to identify the filings of a company, person, or
entity in several online databases, including EDGAR.Audit analytics among them.

More databases offering board information

Database Asset4

In Compustat: Excecucomp

In Lexis/ Nexis (News)

In Bureau van Bijk databases (Amadeus, Bankscope, REACH)

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