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Board Information - Lexis/Nexis

Not all databases provide information on executive boards, governance or any other relevant board information.This post will seek to provide an overview of some databases that do.

Lexis / Nexis

US Executive Compensation Database.
Compositions of executive boards (Hystoric)
SEC filings.
First of all set he database according to the language you desire.
 Select Sources

It is possible to choose between browse - (when leafing through possibilities) and find sources (when you know which one)
Find sources.
"U.S. executive compensation database"
Click OK Continue (top right)
Select link Industry (new window pops up) > Select Computing

OK add to search (button)
You can leave it at that and press search (unweighed)

The result is a list of companies.

You can open individual companies, or downlad data
It is possible to select the desired download format and/ the number of records (max 200) and or full text or  other top right)

Finish selection with Download.

A window appears with a download link (right click)
Two links are downloaded. Keep them both.

More databases offering board information

Database Asset4

In Compustat:  Execucomp

In Audit analytics

In Bureau van Dijk databases (Amadeus, Bankscope, REACH)

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