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This blog contains schematic easy to grasp - hands on - help in performing searches in economic databases, making work sets and making them inter-exchangeable between the databases.

* Disclaimer. I am not a finance professional. Most posts are the result of personal findings.

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CDS in Factset

 Factset's complicated content structure might lead you into the woods without much fruit. Unless you know where to look. (and I still am learning...)

I will show you a couple of pathways, illustrated wuith images. I won't explain values, formula's or data interpretation. I show you the way. That's all.

FACTET ADVANCED (start up program)















Click on TAB Markets

Click in table on the left: Fixed Income (fold out) > 

CDs & Ratings

You can either select Souvereign (countries)

Or the sub table lower Corporate

Select for data charts


This is more complex. For instance: as in the images shown













After pressing Charting > click the magnifying glass

Next fill in: cd or cds > 

Unfold fixed income and select from the list.












Back in the main screen of charting,

You can spot two parts:

1st is the bacl chart but and on the right the table (if not visible , drag the  border of chart to the left)

 Right click in the black screen 

Add series > choose fixed income

(like in pathway of the image)







Not everything provides actual data. (that's the tricky bit) Got to do with content or so.


With installation of Factset comes an add-in, which appears in Excel as a tab. 

Press Show Menu. (on the left) Image..











In Insert, press the magnifying glass











Type in cd or cds in the field, unfold fixed income, select corporate and select. If needed you can unselect preset 'active'.

ADD  > then OK

Next: select downloadables (one at a time), e.g.: yield , or price















Click button Insert to finalize the data, or else the green data disappear.

Not everything provides data

My personal impression: the third option works easier than the first two. I am not interpreting the actual data. You decide what works best for you.


Event study in FactSet - Excel

Gathering data in factset:

1. Start up factset
2. Choose Screening
3. Idea screening
4. Press M&A
5. determine your selections. >  you can drag criteria from left column into the right, for instance Target industry or acquiror industrie
6. Type your criterium in industry, e.g. banks enand select comemrcial banks.
7. the top of your table will show a new nr of deals
8. set other criteria like complited, public status of companies etc.
9. Press at top left of table Edit Report > type identifier (to retrieve indentifiers for acquirors and / target)
10. type date to select completion date and or announcement date

When done: press green pointing down arrow at top right of the table (download)
Determine your save location (excel format)

Opening in Excel
11. Open excel.
12. Search your saved document and open (image, shows only part)

Creating the event
13. Create new sheet
14. Copy acquiror Id's into a new sheet
15. Copy completion dates into new sheet
16. Say the event lasts 30 days starting completion date?
      In column next to the dates type =Cell nr +30 > e.g. =C2+30   
17. Double click bottom right of the new cell (looks like a plus symbol)
18. Select the new Column copy into new column with paste as values (right click and choose 123)
19. the dates look like numbers.
20. Rightclick column and select format (select date)

21. Create another new sheet

22. Look TAB Factset and press from the bar utmost left: Show/Hide (see image)
23. Now copy identifiers and paste with TRANSPOSE (transponeer) into the new sheet
24. Repeat with dates completion date and plus thirty days dates
25. Looks like this:

Working with the side bar:
26. Select Company with side bar: > use the center TAB INSERT  >
27. Click Selecter button (red symbol) and select the first identifier cell > press OK
28. Name of the company appears
29 Data item (one at a time) type price
30 Select Factset Global-FG_price
     Set first date with selecter button
     Set plus 30 days date
     Set Frequency (otherwise default)
31.Press Insert L the green table becomes white

Applying this to all companies:

This demands some programming

31. Press the cell with the company name and look at the Excell formula rule:

Company name cell, data item cell and first data cell all got thweir own programming codes

To change them:
Company name cell add a $ :
=FDS(A1;"FG_COMPANY_NAME()") becomes

Data item:
=FDS(A1;"FG_PRICE("&A2&","&A3&",D)") becomes