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Board information - Amadeus, Bankscope, REACH

Not all databases provide information on executive boards, governance or any other relevant board information.This post will seek to provide an overview of some databases that do.

Bureau van Dijk databases (Amadeus, Bankscope, REACH > focus: Europe) offer (in varying levels) board information that can be downloaded.
The method, however, does not vary.

  1. Make e.g. selections region: Germany, Netherlands, status: active, stock data: listed, legal form: public
  2. Press list of results (bottom)
  3. Open any company
  4. On the right side a new menus is presented, also with directors, managers, auditors, bankers etc information.(and maybe ownership info)

Choose previous for historic executives.
The options link is important in the presented list.
Confirm. Unfold for more info on the executive (check)
It is possible to limit the out to

Directors works the same.

When you press the option sections (top bar) you can add extra information to the directors information.

Next screen:
If you want to export directors info press the option on screen, otherwise it will not be saved.

 How to save all of this?

Export the data with X icon from the top bar
Select The output format. Maybe because of the specific sub database, not possible as text
A pop-up shows to select the save directory.

Be certain to use OPTIONS or else you will only download one record (the first)
There is a max number of downloadable records (50), so when using large worksets might result in many repeats.

If you wish you can save each company on a separate file.


Each company gets another sheet
When downloading (called Export in Bureau van Dijk databases) the amount of possible output formats has increased. TAB delimited TXT, has vanished, however.

More board info in databases:

Database Asset4

In Compustat: Excecucomp

In Lexis/ Nexis (News)

In Audit analytics

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