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Audit Analytics through WRDS

Audit Analytics : Only North American companies

The look and feel of Audit Analytics data in Wharton is quite different, but may be welcome to those who want to stick with the WDS format.
The approach to data is different.

Audit Analytics provides detailed research on over 150,000 active audits and more than 10,000 accounting firms.
Quarterly updated, so it may lag behind Yves. 

Content: over 1200 auditing companies and more than 15000 companies. Offers info on who caudits who, and  their fees.
What identifiers can be used to consult Audit analytics? (aside from looking up companies manually)
Ticker and CIK.

(Assuming you are familiar with the WRDS interface, otherwise, see bottom of this post)

Depending on subscription in WRDS, the following  are covered, Audit and compliance; corporate and legal; other independent audit.

Audit opinion
Step 1: time scope (year)
Step 2: 
CIK or Ticker
It's possible to lookup manually company by company or use the following

  • Upload a file containg company codes: when you want to investigate large(r) groups of securities.
  • Preferably you obtained the codes from another part of WRDS (esp. TIC, as the contemporary ones are used in this data environment)
  • For instance make a download from Execucomp (executives compensation in the US, through Compustat North America) Only Tickers.
  • From Compustat either the financial output databases like fundamentals annual or securities, but also index constituents (only a limited number of indexes) CIK can be downloaded as an additional data asset. Index constituents North America

In the example I used a constituent of S&P 500 over years 2010-12014
Made a download in tabulated TXT and opened it through the wizard in Excel.
Next removed all duplicates. (data > funnel > remove duplicates)
Since I was going to use CIK I made a text file of the CIK codes I downloaded.
(remove all empty cells first)

For instance researching auditor fees..
Use upload a file containing company codes.
Make certain you select CIK

There are a lot of downloadable data. None of which are explained on screen.*
 Example output:

 *) manuals and explanations are found on top of the screen through link Manuals and Overviews
The Data Dictionary is extensive and large (1.4 Mb)
The data is ordered in TAB, so when you want to look up auyditor fees, just go to that tab.

I suggest you first download the dictionary and keep it at hand when selecting downloadable data.

Final remark: output is always zipped. This implies large output files.


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