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Ownership data

The library of the Vrije Universieit has a limited number of databases containing ownership data. This post will attempt to provide a comprised overview.

(advanced menu)

From the main menu ownership data can be found here:

Independance indicator:
Provides information on he stake in a company (25%, 50%, +50% or single company +50% ownership.)
Ultimate owners: (most often the holding or the company tha owns most stock)


Mark's blog Ownership Amadeus

Both menus look very similar.

Overview of ownership databases
Corporate Governance and Ownership Data
    Company Management and Executive Compensation
        Compustat Executive Compensation > individuals
        Corporate Library Governance Data

    Insiders and Blockholders Ownership
        Thomson-Reuters Insider Transactions Data
        RiskMetrics Directors Ownership
        ExecuComp Executive and Director Ownership  individuals
        Corporate Library Executive and Director Ownership
        Blockholders (Legacy) > old version of WRDS

Blockholder information (1996-2001)
    Mutual Fund Ownership
        Thomson-Reuters Mutual Fund Holdings
        CRSP Mutual Fund Holdings *


* CRSP > Quarterly update > Treasury monthly > portfolio holdings > CRSP Mutual funds - Holdings
The data is indirect or absent.

Blockholders access through menu on the left, menu center of the page or with the drop down option at the home page (top left)

Output Microsoft


Global New Issues (GNI)
Ownership involving new issues.
Possible search terms (all items): Ultimate parent; owned

Mergers & Acquisitions

Ownership in and around deals
Possible search terms (all items): ownership (1 item: ESOP; Employee Stock Ownership Plan Flag), ultimate parent, owned*

US Target, non-US targets
Note: percent of shares owned after transaction, percent owned by acquiror post merger, perecent owned by target post merger.
In New Custom (Report tab): the same items, but more items can be selected without effecting the number of deals.
Joint ventures/ alliances
Possible search terms:
Stake, share, owned
Possible search terms: repurchase, shares


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