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This blog contains schematic easy to grasp - hands on - help in performing searches in economic databases, making work sets and making them inter-exchangeable between the databases.

* Disclaimer. I am not a finance professional. Most posts are the result of personal findings.

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Deal in Zephyr

The database Zephyr contains Mergers and acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings and Venture Capital transactions with links to financial company info. Zephyr covers world wide data of over 480.000 transactions in past five years. Up to 100.000 new deals are added every year.

In this example we'll show a couple of most common search actions and various types of deals.

If you want to search deals of a specific company, you can choose looking by company name or an identifier (unfold the + symbol Company) like ISIN. Otherwise it may be interesting to look for specific deals, rumours or narrow down your searches with prefered criteria as you progress.

Search example: Completed mergers between listed retail companies, target country Netherlands.
In the menu you can keep track of the effect of each added limiter.

From this point you can start constructing your report.

The table is an overview of the report results. Everything (blue, where the hand or finger appears is clickable and steps into more detailed information.

In to extend the data show you can do the following: either click ADD (top right table) or move cursor over list format > new format (menu on the right). It will lead you to the same menu.
Exteded table:

Now we can start exporting (savig the output)

The followig menu ofers a couple of output options. it's my sugestion to always settle for TAB delimited TXT, which provides an output without 'hidden' coding which might intervere the data when opening in another program, resulting in useless data. TXT does not have that problem
Tip: make certain you always take care of adding company identifiers to your output, which might be usefull, in case you need additional data from other databases.

A pop-up appears prompting you to make a couple of decisions. (allow the download)
Choose for Saving, which offers destination selection.
Couple of useful links:

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