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Asset4 databases - constituent lists in Datastream

Since not all companies have a CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) or GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and / or not always provide data to the Asset4 database, chances are companies searches in datastream don't result in data.
The usual check is through Static search and check for the Asset4 Company ID. Yes, means they have data in the Asset4 database.

A better method, maybe is to strive for complete overviews of all companies (globally distributed) providing such data, through a statis search with the Asset4 check...

What I tried to do is seach statis but searched for key word Asset4
Next I filtered on Constituent lists.
Result is 143 constituent lists, either by region or country. E.g. Asset4 netherlands (36 constituents)
I have checked a few and sometimes they provide large output sets.

Striving for completeness.
Data types that might be interesting are Company Name, base date, ISIN, time (latest value), A4ID (asset4 id) and ISO country code (to filter your out put set).

A couple very large: (some too large to provide data)
ASSET4 Global ex US (size 3239, gives data)
ASSET4 Asia Pacific ex Japan (size 1177)
ASSET4 FULL UNIVERSE LIST (size 5059) says too many to list
ASSET4 ACTIVE UNIVERSE LIST (only active) (size 4243) says too many to list
ASSET4 United States (size 1004)
ASSET4 Global (size 4243) says too many to list
ASSET4 Europe (size 976)
ASSET4 NAFTA (size 1342)
ASSET4 Latin America (size 144)

 The output from Gobal Ex USA is easy to filter with auto filter, thus creating the pssibility to create sets by nation...

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