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Auditor- / accountings information: depth and extent in databases

Many students request information on how to find auditors over a longer period of time. Most databases only cover the current auditor. This blog post will attempt to give an overview.

 Audit analytics only deals with North American companies.
150,000+ active audits, 10,000 accounting firms
In order to use the data base it is recommended to first look up specific identifiers in order to limit your data set. Either Central Index Key (CIK) or the tickers. The output might otherwise turn out to be very big.  You can do this by using the Annuals database or first Index Constituents.
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Audit Analytics works through the Wharton Portal or with it's own hotlink (Ives Group) link  click here

Compustat/ Wharton
Offers auditor firms dating back to 1996.
Listed in the output by code (fig.)
Compustat Global does not contain auditor information.

Global: Accounting standard
North America:accounting standard, auditor, auditor opinion, auditor remuneration (almost no data, go to audit analytics)

Example Compustat output with auditor information.



Accounting standards are named accounting practice! `
Added are the accountants (auditors) through the 'add'  link from the results list (Directors /
managers/ contacts/ advisors > auditors > auditor name > display all values)
Account date: is fiscal year end
DM (current): gender, age, name all available
Compensation only chairman
Auditor info under Advisor

Advisors (only current): number, Name (company), type (i.e. auditor, bank etc)

Orbis Bank focus

Accounting standards: Yes.
Auditor info under Advisor >> Advisor type: auditor, banks, other
Advisors: name, number (prev and current), appointment date,
Direcotors: name, position, appointment date, resignation date, age, gender

REACH (not subscr)
(Dutch companies)
Through the menu it is possible to select the accountant. In priciple Reach goes back minus 9 years, but it depends on available data whether these can actually be retrieved.
The following download  (Amsterdam, active, NV < public limited liability company>, IFRS < acc. standard>)
gives an indication. Added are the accountants, through the 'add' link from the results list

EXTRA DATA >>> historic previous directors:
Click on any company from the list
The Menu on the right has changed!
Selected like shown. Previous appouitnments will be presented if available.

This applies to Amadeus and Orbis!


Two datatypes giving insight in accounting standards provide data: Accounting Basis (EBASE) and Accounting standards followed ( WC07536). It depends strongly on the selections you make.
Access to author information depends on local license agreement.
An Amsterdam exchanges ourtput might look like this:

Depending on the companies involved (and whether they provide data to ASSET4),
the following data items proved (generic= Y/), scored (rated/graded or actual figures: (and more)
Auditor, parent auditor, audit fees, auditors opinion, number of board meetings, number of women in board, Audit Committee Non-Executive Member,
Audit Committee, Audit Committee Independence, Audit Committee Non-Executive Member,  Audit Service Fees, Audit-Related Service Fees, Board Functions Policy Compliance/Audit (inactive), Board Functions and Committees Policy/Audit (inactive), CSR Sustainability External Audit, Internal Audit Department Reporting, Non-Audit Service Fees, Score - Board Functions/Audit Committee Expertise, Score - Board Functions/Audit Committee Independence, Score - Board Functions/Audit Committee Management Independence, Score - Shareholder Loyalty/Non-audit to Audit Fees Ratio, Value - Board Functions/Audit Committee Expertise, Board Functions/Audit Committee Independence,  Board Functions/Audit Committee Management Independence, Value - Shareholder Loyalty/Non-audit to Audit Fees Ratio, ACCOUNTING STANDARDS

The GNI (Global New issues offers the option to select either on auditor (in the Search menu) or 'as is' (in the custom report menu). Interpreting the output it is the auditor involved in the Issue of the stock.

Venture Expert does offer the option to select either on company auditor (in the Search menu) or 'as is' (in the custom report menu).No accounting information.The auditor is rarely mentioned.

More information on auditors could be found in databases like Lexis/Nexis or Factiva. I'll have to delve into that. Later more.

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