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Combining data sets 3: Amadeus, Zephyr and Bankscope to other databases

In an ideal world all data of all databases would be inter exchangeable without effort. Unfortunately that's not the case. This series of posts will provide hands on info on combining data sets between different data bases.

Why would you bother?

In cases with only a handful of company it would be no big deal to search your companies one by one, but when your work sets exceeds a significant number, say over 50, your searches would get too time consuming.

Using company names in combining data bases:

Not a good idea. Names change, and different data bases may decide to present company names differently: word order, language or abbreviated names.

Koninklijke Ahold
Datastream: Ahold Kon.
Amadeus: Koninklijke Ahold N.V.
Audit analytics: Royal Ahold
It's a better idea to use objective methods to identify company by, the 'company identifiers.'

Amadeus, Zephyr and Bankscope
These three Bureau van Dijk databases use the same company identifiers. Selecting the identifiers works with the same interface, so the presented method applies to all three databases. (all three databases use the same company identifiers)

Example: Netherlands, public, active companies, retailing.
(Select and press OK.)

Legal form: public

Legal status: active companies

Sector. It's possible to select different industries. NACE, NAICS, US SIC and NACE rev.2 main section

The following blog item (click link) gives insight in the balance sheet data Amadeus delivers.
But what if that is not sufficient and you want to further your quest?

In that case it is a good idea to check out which identifiers can be  used.
You can do that either from the main menu: identification numbers

Or, from the 'list format' option. This can only be done after generating your list with results.
Choose New format. Third: from the results list you can also click the link : "add" (top right of the list screen).
It brings up te same window as list format > new format:

Now unfold the identifiers: stock data > identification numbers

Since you already generated the results list, the numbers of hits wont be further limited.

Export your results list.

To prevent issues with conversions and mess ups wit your original data, it is best recommended to export your data as tabulated TXT.
Next open your exported document in Excel with a wizard and select the identifier you want to use in another database.
See for an illustration Opening your compustat save (click link)

See also: Loading Zephyr data into Amadeus. (click link)

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