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Resuming a saved search in SDC

Nothing as frustrating as having to do your searches all over again.
Continuing your search in SDC has got its own complications.
In this post I'll show you how to deal with that.

1. Starting point of this item is the end stage of any particular search (execute if desired)

2. TAB top of the screen "Report" > select New Custom
(where you can add many extra data not affecting your search)

3. The next screen shows many selectable options

4. Tip: it's always a good idea to include company identifiers in your outputfile, which can come usefull when you have to continue in another datababase and you don't want to have to create your work set all over again. (SEDOL, ISIN, CUSIP and company ticker)
Downloadable info on company identifiers and the databases the University Library VU offers can be found here: click this link and Mark Bruyneel's blog (click link)

5. Click 2x OK, save the report
!! Decision moment: make up a (sub)directory (e.g. on your USB stick) or use the default folder.
6. Execute the report

7. Save (button) the report as a textfile (.txt) or Excel (.xls) in the same (sub)directory

8. Select TAB Session (top left of the screen) > select "Save as" and select the same (sub)directory

Tip: give similar names to all output files, sessions and reports to prevent mix-ups

Continuing your search

!! Important: The saved session is what you need !!
10 Start de the database you were working on

11. Click TAB Session
12. Mouse over open existing

13. Click Custom

14. Your saved session opens.
Note that all former hits are absent. Pressing button Execute (top of screen) will fix that.

15. You can continue your search

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