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Making Zephyr work sets readable in Amadeus (Old format)

Databases are not always compatible with each other. Even between databases Zephyr and Amadeus (same publisher) this is the case (particularly old format Amadeus).
This cook book will show a work around.

Open Zephyr and make the following deal selection:

Quoted stocks

Acquiror, Target and Vendor > all Netherlands

Time period: 1/01/2000 - 31/12/2005


Now press Button List of deals in the top Bar (second left)

Sort the deals by deal value: (clickable link)

Adjust format of the presented data.



With the drop down option in the top it's possible to select on deal type, company roles, stock data etc. The latter is important for selection Identifiers like ISIN and Ticker Symbol.


Result List of deals:

Export the deal set (top bar button on the right):

In this example we export the 50 largest deals (hence the sort by)

From this point there are two options:
First: uploading into Amadeus Old format (press link)

Second: uploading into Amadeus New Format 2010 (press link)

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