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* Disclaimer. I am not a finance professional. Most posts are the result of personal findings.

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Databases offering Debt/credit ratings

The Vrije Universiteit gives access to several databases offering data on Debt ratings.
SDC and Datastream only offer the latest ratings. No historic data.
Compustat only North America.
The following pages provide lots of (secondary) information on how the database generally works.

Bankscope (OECD countries)
Bankscope is a Bureau van Dijk database. All these database work through the same kind of itnerface, so when you master one database, you can operate another Bureau van Dijk database (e.e. Amadeus, Reach, Bankscope etc.)
As for credit ratings in Bankscope:
Best is first to create a selection of banks, and once you're done to create the list of selected banks. next you "add" more data to your workset using the ADD link (top right of the list)
Bankscope only provides Fitch ratings.
But, compared to other databases, it does provide historic ratings.
It has to be said that the license does unfortunately not permit the download of these ratings.
The only solution is to screen cap the ratings and insert them in your worket manually.

Compustat (North America, Ratings section)
SPSDRM -- S&P Subordinated Debt Rating
This item represents the issuer subordinated debt rating that has been assigned to a company by Standard & Poor's. (prior to 1.09.1998)
SPLTICRM -- S&P Domestic Long Term Issuer Credit Rating
The Standard & Poor's Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) is a current opinion of an issuer's overall creditworthiness, apart from its ability to repay individual obligations
SPSTICRM -- S&P Domestic Short Term Issuer Credit Rating
The Standard & Poor's Issuer Credit Rating (ICR) is a current opinion of an issuer's overall creditworthiness
SPCSRC -- S&P Quality Ranking - Current
This item is an appraisal of past performance of a stock's earnings and dividends and the stock's relative standing as of a company's current fiscal year-end.

Only Bonds and Convertibles, the latest rating of Moody's and of S&P.
ISPRT- Current rating of a bond from S&P
MRT- Moody’s rating for Bond
BSPF- S&P Current Foreign Credit Rating (Borrower Rating)
BSPL- S&P Current Local Credit Rating (Borrower Rating)
BSPHF - Historic rating

Other datatypes

SDC Mergers and Acquisitions

Executed result
What to do: (example)

Criteria: date announced 2005 - 2008; target nation Netherlands, related debt ratings (search in all by typing).
After adding your criteria, go to top bar select dropdown menu reports and select CUSTOM report. A menu pops up where your own criteria can be added. Go to the All TAB and type in: debt rating.
Add those:

The output result is:

Note: Searches can result in large work sets, so it could be a good idea to 'cut up' yourt search into parts and add several extra limiters.

Important NB on content (31st March 2011): I have noticed that SDC 3.0 does not provide credit ratings in M&A.
SDC (link: explains how to do a basic tear sheet search)

SDC GNI (Global New Issues)

(Issued new stocks. Ratings may influence buyers in buying new stock)

Report Output with ratings: (use Report button in the Top Bar)

Stock ranking, credit/debt rating

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