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SDC: Gobal New Issues, Common stock, private equity and creating reports

The VU license to SDC consists of 3 databases: Venture Expert, Global New Issues and Mergers & Acquisitions.
This topic deals with a search in Global New Issues (GNI)
1. Select the proper database

In this case we are searching within the US.
Press OK

2. Select Categorie:

Select categories by double clicking.
In this case Common equity and Private Equity.

3. Determine date range:

Press OK.

Start searching the desired items. The search menu pops up, or you can open the menu by using the button in the Top Bar:
4. Search Items.

Double click selection (Close Price at close offer/first trade)
Next, determine the volume range of the Close Price.
or where information is available (thise case)

Do the same with IPO
Type: IPO, select Original IPO Flag (Y/N)

A pop up asks to include all original IPOs or exclude them.
Press OK

5. Close and press Button Execute in the Top Bar.
The next screen appears:
Press OK

6. Making a report

Go to the Top Bar and Select the TAB Report
Select New Custom Report.

This enables selecting your own criteria.

Now select the criteria you want or search them by typing in TAB 'All Items':

Press OK, and in the next screen press OK
Think of a make shift save file:
Press SAVE

Next: making up the report

7. Finally: Execute the Report (button Top Bar)
8. It's possible to make a Tear Sheet for each item in the report.

Select the desired compoany by clicking the row.
Press the Button Tear Sheet.

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